Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Being A Psychic For Me Is A Blessing

When people asked me how it feels being a psychic, and are psychics real?

I am a natural born psychic and I feel lucky that I born with a gift to help people.
My goal is not to earn money, as I satisfied with my life right now. I left a very good high salary and choose for being me today. I enjoy this and I live with my dogs and I am very simple but I love my life now. As it is for money, I will not left my high paid job. So I'm not doing this for money and I am not money hungry. If you meet a psychic that very money hungry, you are meeting fake psychic.
Real psychic charge you, but not expensive like $1000 or something, that is too much.
One of my client told me that she got lied by psychics to pay like $1000 psychic to remove curse.
That is bullshit. Real psychic is not instant magic. Real psychic will need time to grow your life.
I can help but not instant result, but it is growing and my guidance will very much helping your life.

But I have to pay my bills. I have to pay for my rent, for my ingredients to cast spells, that is why I charge normal price. These prices are not high as another well-known psychics John Edward, John Holland, Lisa Williams, Tana Hoy, or The Twins Psychic. I can guarantee you that my quality is the same with them. They charged very very expensive. So, I can say that my price is not expensive as I am a psychic on a level of John Edward and The Twins Psychic.

Mostly, I was offline. I have offices in Denpasar, Bali - Indonesia.
But these years, I always flew here and there, to Hongkong to have a secret psychic readings and spells for Hongkong Celebrities whom I can't say the name because they are very well-known ( All readings are kept confidential), Turkey, London, and New York. To give readings and spells. That is why I open my online stores services for people who are far away but need help. So I can give them guidance in cheaper price for online.
I just started my online business in early 2015. And it succeed.
I am very glad that all my clients in online are highly satisfied just like my offline clients.

I can say that If you meet a person that wearing a black from head to toe and gypsy clothes, that is a psychic scam. Because real psychic dress just like usual and normal people. I do not have to put black to black costumes. I wear pants and shirt. I don't look scary, I don't put black eyeshadows. Nobody will spot me I am a psychic. I am just a person who born with a supernatural ability. After all, I dress normal too.

In my life I am very happy that I can help people and guide people through a journey. Some of them even married now. How happy I was when I received the invitations. The woman get a constant reading with me 5 times a week about her soulmate. I gave her guidance until she married with the guy I mentioned. It is a very happy moment for me. I feel proud of myself. I help people to be success. I help people to reunite with their family when there is a business man who are too busy and ambitious with money and he didn't care about his family. To see them smiling and warming together again, for me is priceless.

I hope I can help another clients and being a spiritual life coach to give guidance and opening ways.

Many blessings for all of you.

Remember Kindness doesn't cost a thing, spread it.

To guide people through a journey is a blessings

Sunday, July 26, 2015


This is a tremendous value because usually asian celebrities go to me physically and i charged them $800. However, it includes the maximum strength spell for their fame, luck, fortune, wealth, and love. I cast spell for them to prevent scandal too.

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You see celebrities are very beautiful, handsome, cool, etc. I CAN MAKE YOU IRRESISTABLE WITH ALL OF THAT!!

not only celebrities can. In fact, they also use this spell for it their appearance because they need it! YOU CAN ALSO DO THIS!

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When i was a kid, I predicted Bruce Lee's death, but I didn't understand what was going with my sight, I saw Bruce Lee was murdered. And it turn out to be reality. 

I saw some of the celebrities death is because of illuminati, one of them is Aaliyah and Whitney Houston death and it turn out to be reality too.

I usually complete my gig as fast as possible. Please know that I am honest no sugar coating and please be sure to accept the reality. You have been warn.

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