Sunday, November 29, 2015

Being A Psychic For Me Is A Blessing

When people asked me how it feels being a psychic, and are psychics real?

I am a natural born psychic and I feel lucky that I born with a gift to help people.
My goal is not to earn money, as I satisfied with my life right now. I left a very good high salary and choose for being me today. I enjoy this and I live with my dogs and I am very simple but I love my life now. As it is for money, I will not left my high paid job. So I'm not doing this for money and I am not money hungry. If you meet a psychic that very money hungry, you are meeting fake psychic.
Real psychic charge you, but not expensive like $1000 or something, that is too much.
One of my client told me that she got lied by psychics to pay like $1000 psychic to remove curse.
That is bullshit. Real psychic is not instant magic. Real psychic will need time to grow your life.
I can help but not instant result, but it is growing and my guidance will very much helping your life.

But I have to pay my bills. I have to pay for my rent, for my ingredients to cast spells, that is why I charge normal price. These prices are not high as another well-known psychics John Edward, John Holland, Lisa Williams, Tana Hoy, or The Twins Psychic. I can guarantee you that my quality is the same with them. They charged very very expensive. So, I can say that my price is not expensive as I am a psychic on a level of John Edward and The Twins Psychic.

Mostly, I was offline. I have offices in Denpasar, Bali - Indonesia.
But these years, I always flew here and there, to Hongkong to have a secret psychic readings and spells for Hongkong Celebrities whom I can't say the name because they are very well-known ( All readings are kept confidential), Turkey, London, and New York. To give readings and spells. That is why I open my online stores services for people who are far away but need help. So I can give them guidance in cheaper price for online.
I just started my online business in early 2015. And it succeed.
I am very glad that all my clients in online are highly satisfied just like my offline clients.

I can say that If you meet a person that wearing a black from head to toe and gypsy clothes, that is a psychic scam. Because real psychic dress just like usual and normal people. I do not have to put black to black costumes. I wear pants and shirt. I don't look scary, I don't put black eyeshadows. Nobody will spot me I am a psychic. I am just a person who born with a supernatural ability. After all, I dress normal too.

In my life I am very happy that I can help people and guide people through a journey. Some of them even married now. How happy I was when I received the invitations. The woman get a constant reading with me 5 times a week about her soulmate. I gave her guidance until she married with the guy I mentioned. It is a very happy moment for me. I feel proud of myself. I help people to be success. I help people to reunite with their family when there is a business man who are too busy and ambitious with money and he didn't care about his family. To see them smiling and warming together again, for me is priceless.

I hope I can help another clients and being a spiritual life coach to give guidance and opening ways.

Many blessings for all of you.

Remember Kindness doesn't cost a thing, spread it.

To guide people through a journey is a blessings