I am a celebrity psychic in Asia, Top 10 celebrity psychic in all Asia. Visited by many asian celebrities to prevent scandals, and predict future. Also Fiverr TOP psychic with great reviews and working spells. I just created online profile and gigs mid this year. so I can see I am new in online business mostly I do off-line and I have offices. But I am very thankful that in this short time, my clients from online business growing rapidly.

I am a medium and I will read your energy, that is how I give you answers.

I will give you a numerology reading. You will never had this before. Very accurate in describing yourself, destiny, motivation, character, and all aspect of your life.

I handle all aspects in life : Love, divorce, marriage, career, all the matters you want to clarified.

I predicted 911 incident, Japan Tsunami, and The lost of Malaysian Airlines.

You will be shocked by my accuracy. And the ACCURATE coming prediction.

I am honest, no sugar coating.

I also do spell casting, such as love spell, wealth spell, fame spell, beauty spell, etc.

I am also a Reiki Master, distance healing.

You will feel my great energy. All my reading comes with free positive energy i will give.

My spells are safe and are not dark magic.

Feel free to ask me about the spells, I will definitely give you special package price.

Looking forward to chat with you.

Love and light, G.

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